Sending money to Malaysia from the UK: a Revoluter's perspective

Revolut Singapore

 · 07/26/2021  · 07/26/2021

Product owner Karyn Ooi joined Revolut in September 2018. Karyn hails from Penang, Malaysia. Both her husband and her have family in Malaysia and Singapore. Their most recent trip home was in January 2019 for the Chinese New Year.

"With COVID, we've not been able to travel home, or have our family visit us," says Karyn. "Hopefully, things will improve by the time Christmas comes around."

Karyn says that she felt helpless when Malaysia went into lockdown because she was unable to physically care or provide for her parents from afar. "It was, and still is, stressful to think about it but I'm thankful my family is safe and healthy right now."

Showing their love with Revolut

In the past year, Karyn and her husband have been discovering ways to send their family some love, like a meal delivery. "We've used Revolut to do bank transfers to local restaurants and merchants. The money arrives really quickly and no additional fees were charged by Revolut."

So what did she think about Revolut's current fee waiver on remittances to Malaysia? "I was using another provider to send money home each month so I was really excited when Revolut started exploring this transfer route. In fact, I was one of the internal beta testers. I couldn't wait to start using Revolut instead of our competitor because it meant I could save on transfer fees.

I think many people are still unaware that they can use Revolut to send money to the bank accounts belonging to friends and family. Some of my friends are still using high street banks to transfer money from the UK to Malaysia and are paying the fees, it's crazy!"  

From now to 10 August 2021, Revolut is waiving fees on remittances to Malaysia in support of expatriates with families and loved ones back home. After 10 August, Revolut's transfer fees are 0.3%, pegged to a minimum of £0.30 and a maximum of £5.

Revolut has no hidden fees and offers great exchange rates, making it simpler and more affordable to send money abroad. Just choose how much you want to send and where to. We’ll take care of the rest.

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