September 2022: What's new from Revolut Business

Laurie Roxby

 · 09/23/2022  · 09/23/2022

So here we are: September. There’s always been a certain charm to it – we’re still warm from the glow of summer, and treated to the sky and the leaves turning beautiful shades of orange and gold.

So, sticking with the gold-standard theme, we’ve got some top tier updates for you this month. We’re diving deep into spend management (think analytics, expenses and spend controls), as well as some levelling up for our mobile apps, seamless repeat payments and more.

Let’s do this.

First up, let’s dive into the data. Need to optimise your cashflow, or find out what your money’s doing? You can understand everything about your business spending ins-and-outs with analytics. Break down spend by account, date, team member, category, merchant, and country – and see your spend forecast and spend trends.

How do you solve a problem like spend management?

In a word (well, two): Revolut Business. Corporate spend, team subscriptions, employee expenses – you name it, you can manage it here.

Issue physical or virtual debit cards to your team, regardless of your headcount. Limit spend across specific time periods, right down to the day, category or country. Save these rules as presets and apply them to multiple cards. Minimise back-and-forth between the finance team and employees.

And there’s still more to discover, too. What are you waiting for?

Schedule payments using your iOS device

For iOS users – and there’s a lot of you out there – scheduling payments has been a strictly web-based affair. Until now. Now, you can schedule payments to your heart’s content directly from your Apple device, saving minutes every single time you do so. Android users, don’t feel left out – we just felt it was time to spread the love to everyone.

Repeat payments in a couple of clicks

The majority of businesses (yes, that means you) pay the same vendors month to month. Setting up individual transfers for this every time? Well, we can see how that could become a bit tedious. That’s where PayAgain comes in: simply click on a previous transaction to your desired vendor, hit ‘Send again’ and input how much you need to pay. Job done.

All-new features for your Revolut Business plan (US only)

For our customers in the US, this one’s a biggie. Our plans have changed for the better – and that means yours have, too. Highlights include everything from unlimited team members and setting individual permissions for them, to fee-free international transfers and in-built to expense management. Time to get stuck in.

FX keeps moving Forwards (UK company plans only)

Safeguard your business from unfavourable fluctuations involving GBP, USD or EUR with pre-agreed rates, able to be secured up to six months in advance. As well as this, the minimum approved notional limit has been raised to £50,000 – and you can get this reviewed in a couple of clicks, directly from the web app – and the initial deposit is capped at a maximum of just 5%. Web only

And we’re out of time!
Thanks for tuning into another edition of the Revolut Business monthly updates. We’ll be back next month – same time, same place.