September's pumpkin-spiced updates 🍁

Daniela Carvalho

 · 09/30/2022  · 09/30/2022

What do you mean ‘summer’s over’? The leaves are falling, kids are getting back to school, and we’re dropping new features you won’t want to miss (we’ve been dropping them all year, but you get the idea). Read on!

The key to higher-interest savings 💰

Let’s face it, higher is better. So, we’re giving you the key to get the most out of your money: increased interest rates on Savings Vaults. Deposit the change from your coffee, and watch it grow!

Customise your stock search 📈

Looking to invest? We’ve made it even easier to find stocks to add to your portfolio. Quickly find and track stocks through filters such as sector, market cap, and many more.

See scheduled payments from Home 👀

We don't just charge your card, we have a real relationship and things to talk about. So we’re keeping it simple: access all the features you need from your Home tab. Are you falling in love, already?

Get pet cover with higher excess 🐶

Your pets deserve the best, so we’re giving you all the choice, with all the coverage. With higher excess you can choose something that suits your wallet. It’s not a ruff choice, is it?

Specialised teams at your disposal 👩‍💻

We’re bringing you top-of-the-class quality. Our team's so specialised it’ll blow you away! They master all things technical, and they’re about to transform and supercharge our support.

That's it for this month. We've got more updates coming soon, don’t swipe right when you see a notification (we know you’ve done it before).
Next month's update will hit your inbox soon, so keep an eye out!

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