Should Product Owners think like entrepreneurs?

Nik Storonsky

 · 02/12/2019  · 02/12/2019

Revolut is a financial technology company. We build products. We do it fast and we do it well. And that's why we're now one of the fastest growing Fintechs operating in over 20 markets, with a product used by almost four million people.

The main characters behind this success are the people responsible for making sure we build and ship great products. We call them Product Owners or POs for short. And we’ll be needing more of them as we continue to build a global bank, launch businesses overseas, and add all sorts of exciting new products and features. So who are we looking for?

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Owners vs Managers

Product Owners at Revolut lead innovation and growth. They are in charge of building the infrastructure and launching new products and features. Each Product Owner manages a team of designers and engineers, and reports directly to the CEO.

And because they manage teams, some companies call them Product Managers — but not us. If a person has complete ownership over a product and sees it through from conception to completion, we feel that the term ‘owner’ is a much better fit. We know that it came originally from Agile, but as with everything in Revolut, we take ideas, we validate them and make it our own.

Great products are born out of passion and dedication. We believe that the key to success is the perfect combination of freedom and responsibility that makes a Product Owner feel like they’re really owning the whole thing — managing a team is just part of that.

What’s in it for you

Let’s be honest, one of the reasons why you’re reading this post is that you’d love to build something awesome, right? We get it, and we’d love to have you on-board. As one of the world’s leading financial technology startups, we’ve got everything a PO could possibly want.

As a PO, you’re invited to come up with your own product and, if you can convince everyone that it will have impact, you can launch it off the back of Revolut. And yes, you’ll have all the support and resources that we have to offer. With Revolut you’ll get to build an independent team, have free reign over how you do things, as well as support on all sides in order to achieve your goals. With all that autonomy and responsibility, you’ll also get to work in a great environment alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Revolut opens doors

No matter how great you are at building products, building your reputation from scratch is a whole other ball game — but we got you covered. As a Revolut team member, you’ll notice that many doors suddenly open. We’ve got the reach and the resources to help your product go as far as you want it to — everything from dedicated budgets to working directly with governments and partnering with leading businesses worldwide.

World-class teammates

Naturally, Revolut’s selection criteria are pretty tough — and that’s how it should be when you strive to be the absolute best. We expect a lot, but we give a lot in return. Our team comprises some of the world’s most ambitious and talented people, from leading companies in finance, technology, legal, design, you name it. So, if being surrounded by people who share your ambition is what gets you out of bed in the morning, you’ll love it here at Revolut.


We can give you access to a lot of that, too. For the last three years, we've been processing billions of transactions for millions of users all over the world. You are welcome to request and dig into anything you might need for your product, from testing hypotheses to validating models.


As a young and target-driven company, we cut out everything that ties us or slows us down. That means we’re not fans of pointless bureaucracy or stuffy hierarchies, just for the sake of it. All we want is to get the job done ten times faster and better than everyone else. Your team is independent, which means you call the shots. You pick the tools and the working style that suits your team. If it works for you, it works for us — it’s that simple.


One more thing we can guarantee — the only factors affecting any debates here are the data and logic. No emotions and no ego will get involved in decision making or strategy negotiations. We question everything and challenge the norm at every opportunity. We never stop and we never settle. We strive for better. Radically better.

Who we're looking for

Your hard skills and expertise may vary depending on the product you own, but there are several soft skills we consider a must.

  • Ability to execute — You may be a walking library, but results are what matter the most. We don’t care much for how you do it, as long as you just get it done.
  • Fast-paced — We never settle for second place. Your product is your centre of the universe and you’ll be the first to bring it to market.
  • Hyper-logical — Ability to dive down into the data, understand it and use it to help guide your decisions and shape the final product.
  • Open-mindness — Sometimes the CEO is wrong, and the recent grad is right. Evolution or revolution? You decide.
  • No ego — You don’t let your ego cloud your decision-making.
  • Positive attitude — You deliver, you never settle, you make the most of every opportunity, and you enjoy yourself along the way.

Why join Revolut now

Revolut is going through an exciting time, as we transition from a startup, to a company with a truly global presence. We’re determined to keep all of the best bits of being a startup — the hustle, the speed, the fun — as we grow into one of the world’s leading new-age financial institutions.

Join us now, and help to change the way people think about their money. Join us, and be at the forefront of identifying and solving some of the biggest problems in the financial world today. This opportunity is whatever you make it. So take it.

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