Show your bills who’s boss with Pockets

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 12/09/2020  · 12/09/2020

Is one of your New Year's Resolutions to be more on top of your bills and spending? Or have you ever accidentally missed a payment in the past? Because our new feature Pockets is the perfect place to get on top of your spending once and for all! It makes organising your bills effortless.

If you already have scheduled payments set up with Revolut then you're halfway there! All you need to do is create your Pockets and sort your bills into them. Then put your feet up and relax – we’ll make sure they’re paid when they’re due.

By securing your money into Pockets, your balance is free for all the other exciting things you'd like to buy. So you can enjoy your Christmas shopping safe in the knowledge you’re not accidentally spending the rent. 😉

Just look how easy it is 👇

Set money aside for bills upfront
Set up recurring funding on payday into your Pockets. So your bills money is automatically put aside, leaving your balance free for you to use

Relax, your bills are taken care of
Your scheduled payments are automatically paid from each pocket when they're due, so you'll never miss a payment

Stay on top of your spending
A clear overview on the Pockets details page will tell you if you're on track to cover all your payments

It’s that simple! So kick things off by linking recurring payments in the app now and show those bills who's boss. 😎

Discover Pockets now:

💸 Make sure your app is updated to at least version 7.27
💸 Add subscriptions, scheduled payments and direct debits to Revolut
💸 Head to Home > Pockets
💸 Create your Pockets and link your scheduled payments
💸 Set up recurring funding to your Pockets