Simplify salaries with powerful Payroll

Richard Johnson

 · 02/16/2022  · 02/16/2022

Isn’t it time payroll wasn’t so taxing?

We think so. That's why if you head to your Hub in the Revolut Business app, you'll find Payroll – a feature packed with tools to help make paying your employees a hassle-free, easy experience. Something that can be done in clicks, not hours. Because hey, it’s not often you get to cut employee admin by days at a time.

Salary calculations, taxes, pensions, pay runs and more are calculated for you and rolled up into one easy to use, intuitive app. And you can close those spreadsheets – we do the hard sums for you, even when you need to customise pay for anyone in your business. From financial first-timers to ace accountants, this is Payroll that works for everyone.

So how does Payroll help you? Read on to find out 👇

Set up in clicks, not hours

Easily set up Payroll in just a few clicks in our app. We’ll guide you through adding team members and uploading critical payroll-specific info, so you can set up your pay schedules in no time.

Easily manage Payroll from your Revolut Business account

Add your employees to Revolut Business, then sync their details with your payment info. We’ll calculate taxes, NI and pension contributions for you. All you need to do is set up automatic salary payments and tell us when you’d like them paid.  We’ll do the rest. No switching between software, no extra files to upload.

Update crucial salary info, instantly

Award bonuses, pay freelancers, adjust deductions, and more. Easily make one-off changes to employee salaries, any time, and they’re instantly updated – for individuals and teams across your business. Come payday, you can rest easy knowing everyone’s pay is what it should be.

You’re connected to HMRC

Any changes to employee tax codes, student loans, and more are synced with HMRC daily, and we update them for you automatically. So there’s no lengthy back-and-forth with HMRC – we ask them if any of your employee details need to be changed, and if they say ‘yes’, Payroll’s smart systems make sure it happens. And we automatically send your company’s Full Payment Submission every month, too, so HMRC are always kept up to date.

Here's how to get started

There’s lots to love about Payroll. So step right up, roll out the red carpet, and set up in a few clicks in-app:

  1. Go to 'Hub' in the Revolut Business web app – or click the button below
  2. Click on Payroll
  3. Start our super-fast set up
  4. You're done and ready to start using Payroll 🙌

Please note: Payroll is charged at £3 per active team member per month, and is available to all UK businesses. See our Payroll Terms & Conditions for more info.

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