Track, split and settle bills together, stress-free

Sonja Polimac

 · 08/19/2020  · 08/19/2020

We’ve all been there. You’re taking a trip with friends and don’t have an easy way to split the bills. Or you live with flatmates and need an easy way to settle up stress-free whenever you buy the pizza and they’ve covered the drinks for film night. Don’t worry. Managing group expenses just got easier with Group Bills. 😎

Our newest feature is here to help you split and settle bills together, stress-free.

Create and customise Groups with friends and family 👯‍♀️

Create and customise your Group with a name and photo so you can keep track of what goes where - and then you can invite friends and family to share expenses with you! From two to twenty people, splitting group expenses has never been easier.

Add, split, and track all in one place 📊

You can add bills instantly with a tap. Once they're in the Group, tell us the split and we'll do the maths - in multiple currencies! Split with precision, deciding exactly how much of a bill each person needs to pay back. Whether you’ve paid with cash, or a card from elsewhere, you can add all your bills to your Group to track, split, and settle in one place.

Settle up stress-free 💸

And when it’s time to settle need to go anywhere. Pay and get paid in the app, with instant transfers when you’re both on Revolut. No need to have those awkward conversations when someone owes you. Just make a request and we’ll send a notification to let them know it’s time to pay up.

It’s as simple as that - Group Bills are here to make shared expenses stress-free and under your control.