Split bills instantly with Revolut 🚀

Rob Braileanu

 · 01/17/2017  · 01/17/2017

Picture the scene - you're sat at a restaurant with friends, you get the bill and then you patiently wait your turn to use the card machine... Annoying, right? Not anymore 😎

Revolut lets you split any bill, with any contact in your phone. It’s free, instant and eliminates the awkwardness of asking someone to pay you back!

Split the cost of a Revolut card payment 💳

If you make a payment with your Revolut card, you can split the cost with anyone you select from your phone contacts. Just head over to the analytics tab in the app and then tap on the payment you want to split. Next, tap the 'Split bill' button and select who you would like to split the bill with. You can edit the individual amounts owed, or just hit ‘Request’ to split the bill evenly. It's that easy.


If your phone contacts have the Revolut app, they will receive a notification with a request for the owed sum of money which they can accept in a single tap. Once accepted, the money hits the requester’s account instantly.

If you choose a phone contact who doesn’t have the Revolut app, we’ll text or email them a payment request link. They can download the app and accept your payment request in minutes.

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Alternatively, you can request money from friends who are not already using Revolut by sending them a RevMe payment link, which will allow them to pay you back using their regular bank card - just like magic! ✨

Or split the cost of rent, dinner, anything! 💸

You can also use the Revolut app to split bills that haven’t been paid for with a Revolut card. Just tap the ‘Payments’ button in the app and choose ‘Split Bill’. You can add the amount you want to split and hit request. This feature is perfect for splitting the cost of rent, bills, holiday expenses or anything else.


🤔 Did you know that you can also request money from people who are not already using Revolut? Read on to find out how to do this via Rev Me 💸