Meet the new way to earn more crypto. Hello Staking 👋

Kirsty Daniel

 · 02/07/2023  · 02/07/2023

Whether you’ve been holding some crypto for a while or you just got started, there’s still so much potential to unleash - it’s time to put your crypto to work! Staking means temporarily ‘locking’ your crypto and getting rewarded for it with... guess what? More crypto!

Here comes the science bit: staking involves participating in proof-of-stake blockchains to support the security of the network, similar to mining. Examples of proof-of-stake blockchains include Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and Tezos. As an incentive for securing the network, participants are compensated with rewards.

Today, staking your own crypto is a challenge for most investors, as it can be highly technical and complex. But don't worry, we take care of all those things so you don't have to.

Staking is available in the UK & select EEA markets

Earn up to 11.65% APY 💡

Make your idle crypto work for you - don’t let it gather dust in your wallet! Earn up to 11.65% APY in crypto rewards when you stake ETH, DOT, ADA, and XTZ. The longer you hold, the more you earn (as always, just make sure you know the risks). APY is variable and subject to change

Earn rewards effortlessly 😏

Staking can be a complicated process – but with Revolut, it only takes a few steps to stake your crypto. All the heavy lifting is done for you and you’ll start earning automatically

Your staked funds are in safe hands 🤲

As with all things crypto on Revolut, Staking is not only simple, but also secure. Your funds are held with trusted custodians and we securely manage your private keys

Unleash your crypto’s potential

Whether you’re a crypto newbie, or an experienced native, don’t let your crypto get dusty just sitting there - get more from your assets and begin staking today.

Here’s how to start staking your crypto:
💰 First, make sure your app is the most up to date version
💰 Head to Hub > Crypto
💰 Select one of four supported cryptos
💰 If you already own one of the cryptos, you can get started immediately. If you don’t, you’ll need to buy some first
💰 When you’re ready, tap on the Stake button
💰 Now you’re staking!

Curious to learn more about how Staking works? Head on over to our FAQ’s to dive deeper and find out how you could make your crypto work harder for you!

Staking is available in the UK & select EEA markets. Not regulated or protected. Value can go down. Tax may be payable on gains. Reward will vary per currency.