Stand out from the crowd with Revolut Business metal

Vaidas Adomauskas

 · 10/05/2020  · 10/05/2020

You asked, and we’ve answered – following on the success of Revolut Metal plans for personal accounts, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of metal cards to Revolut Business. From today, customers on our Grow, Scale and Enterprise plans will now be able to order metal cards for business use.

A distinctive metal card...

Forged from 18g of stainless steel, our metal cards have a striking, professional look and feel, and are sure to make a strong impression. Business metal cards are crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel and come in our signature Revolut Business black, plus gold, rose gold, space grey and silver. Metal cards can be used online or in-person like any other Revolut Business contactless card. Revolut company cards give you total control over your team’s spending and expenses, plus the freedom to spend abroad like a local.

Backed by the best of Revolut Business

Of course, the card itself is only the beginning. As an exclusive benefit to Grow, Scale and Enterprise plans, metal cards are backed by the best of Revolut Business.

Make an impression with metal

Order metal cards for your team and give them the freedom and confidence to stay on top of their spending. With 10, 50 and unlimited team members free on each of our paid plans – you can order metal for everyone. Once they’ve joined and downloaded the Revolut Business app, they can view their access and activity all in one place. As an admin, you can assign roles and control access to everything from payroll and expenses to company cards.

International payments with no hidden fees

All of our paid plans help our customers save money on foreign exchange. All business customers can exchange 28 currencies instantly at the excellent exchange rate, but Grow, Scale and Enterprise customers save even more. Depending on your selected plan, you’ll get £10K and 10 international payments, £50K and 50 international payments, or unlimited foreign exchange (FX) allowance and payments every month, at the real rate, with no extra fees.

Make local payments for free

All of our business plans come with an allowance of free local payments. Grow, Scale and Enterprise plans get even more – with 10, 50 and unlimited free local payments every month, respectively. These higher allowances help Grow, Scale and Enterprise accounts pay for themselves.

Easily track expenses

Any cardholder on your team can submit expenses on the go. They simply snap a photo of their receipt and add notes. Account admins can easily review and approve expenses in just a few clicks.

Manage subscriptions and recurring payments

If you’ve got business subscriptions for software or mobile phones we've got you covered. Manage all of your recurring payments from a single dashboard: easily track, spot duplicates, or cancel unused subscriptions.

Ready to get your hands on a metal card?

Keep in mind, metal is only available for customers on Grow, Scale or Enterprise plans – so if you’re on our free plan, now may be the perfect time to upgrade your account to get better FX rates and unlock all of our features.

But because we know it’s been a long time coming, we’re offering free metal cards depending on your plan. Customers on our Grow, Scale and Enterprise plans get one, two and five free metal cards per account, respectively – so you can share metal with your teammates.

Is the free allowance for your plan not enough? No problem, you can purchase additional metal cards for your team for just £49 each, or the equivalent in your chosen currency.

What's the maximum number of physical cards per team member?

  • If you’re an existing customer, your physical card limit is set to two. If you wish to order a metal card, you are able to get an additional card. On November 27th, our terms and conditions will be updated to reflect an increase to 3 physical cards per team member.
  • If you’re a new customer, your starting physical card limit is 3 physical cards per team member.

Ordering your new metal card is easy

Upgrade to a paid plan if you haven’t done so yet. Then simply go to the “Cards” section of your Revolut Business account, select “Add a card.” From here, you can select your card type and card design.

What’s next?

This initial launch of metal is just the beginning. Don’t worry freelancers, we’ll also be rolling out metal for you soon. Keep an eye out for our next announcement.

We know these long-awaited cards will really help you stand out from the crowd – or just give you a professional edge every time you open your wallet. Once you get your new card, show it off by tagging us at @RevolutBusiness and using #RevolutMetal.

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