Stop throwing away money! Save on your online shopping with Revolut!

Rob Braileanu

 · 03/22/2016  · 03/22/2016



We know, we felt the same way when we realised you could save up to 30% on AMAZON on certain items with your Revolut Multi-Currency Card .

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How? One of the benefits your Revolut MasterCard® has is the possibility of taking full advantage of multi-currency online or offline shopping. Armed with a physical and virtual MasterCard® Revolut gives you the real exchange rate and doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees.

Here are 3 tips to make the best of your Revolut card when shopping in different currencies:

1. CRUCIAL: At checkout, change the option “Please tell us the currency of your card” to the LOCAL currency you are spending in e.g. EUR in the first 2 examples below


2. Make sure you know your customs regulations and costs
Don’t forget that once your brand new, shiny product arrives from somewhere far away, taxes and duty fees may be applied on top of the price.

Here is the good news though, if you shop within the EU there are no added taxes or customs. Yes, you can buy goods for cheaper from Amazon Germany or eBay in Czech Republic!

Shipping from Amazon DE to a UK address will normally carry a small charge, from what we have seen it’s under €5 normally.

For all information on customs and taxes for UK customers check:

3. Hunt for the best deal
Do you want to buy electronics? Amazon Germany seems to be a good bet! Fancy a new luxury perfume from a French designer? Head to France! Online wine shopping? Plenty of vineyards in Italy to choose from!

Use the “Exchange” button in the Revolut app to monitor live rates and double check the deal still works in your favour, looking at it from your home currency perspective.


Get Revolut and a virtual MasterCard® in just 5 minutes and start saving!

…And here are some items we found that come with huge savings!

Looking to escape in the music?
Save at least £95 on Beats Headphones, buy in € on Amazon DE with Revolut !
€264 = £208.45 (Revolut at 17:33 UKT March 22nd)



Ladies, ready to smell fresh for Spring?
Save £15 on Dior Perfume, buy in € on Amazon DE
with Revolut!
€91.23 = £72.01 (Revolut at 17:36 UKT March 22nd)



Now one for our EUR users. Looking to get fit?
This one is a big one. Save at least €160 on a Jawbone, buy in £ on Amazon UK with Revolut!
£39.49 = €50.01 (Revolut at 17:30 UKT March 22nd)



Note: All prices and exchange rates were accurate at the time of publishing. Amazon reserves the right to change their pricing. These savings are most relevant for users who live in the EU.