Taking career evolution to the next level with Tara Massoudi

Ieva Elvyra Kazakeviciute

 · 10/25/2021  · 10/25/2021
“It was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse.” - Tara Massoudi

“Revolut is probably one of the best places to learn how to build and manage a product,” says Tara Massoudi, who joined Revolut a little over 2 years ago as the Executive Associate to CEO Banking. She has since moved to become Operations manager for our Premium and Junior products.

Tara details her journey in this blog. Read on to hear about her story.

How Tara Massoudi changed her career at Revolut

The associate role I started in was mostly an operational, problem-solving and project management type of role, where I also got a great bird’s-eye view of the company. It mostly involved working on our FinCrime product, corporate restructuring, and service mapping for the UK Bank, which helped to build a good understanding of what it takes to set up a bank - regulatory requirements, obligations, and knowledge of the wider operations in the company.

Joining the Premium and Junior product team

When I was looking for a new role, I started reaching out to teams I’d previously worked with, and in the end I had to make a decision as to which team I should join - I was genuinely overwhelmed with some of the options that came up. But in Premium I had the opportunity to take on a lot more responsibility, so I couldn’t say no.

The frequency and the speed at which we launch products is known worldwide - it was impressive to see for myself. If you look at Testflight, you’ll see that app updates are released daily; I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. And we never lose the emphasis on ensuring that it’s not just fast, but also good quality. The usage of data here is also very impressive - the fact that everyone has access to (non-sensitive) data, can build hypotheses, test them, make informed decisions and iterate based on that data.

Stepping up to Get It Done

If I had to pick one value I resonate with, it’s Get It Done. What I love at Revolut is that when you say you’re going to do something, you just go ahead and do it - and then it’s done, and you move on to the next thing. In a lot of my previous environments, there’s been a lot of talking the talk, but very little walking the walk - no one’s taking action, and things don't get done. Here it was very clear from day one - when you come in, you figure things out.