Tara Massoudi: Foundations in Science

Sonja Polimac

 · 02/11/2020  · 02/11/2020

With our company values literally shining in neon lights around the office, it’s hard to not have them at the forefront of how we handle our work, but for Tara, ‘Get *It Done’ is the one that resonates most for her as an Executive Associate. Her background in engineering has enabled her to solve problems with critical reasoning and manage projects with a data-driven approach.

Today, we’re marking the fourth International Day of Women and Girls in Science, and at Revolut, we’re taking time to reflect on the Sustainable Development Goals and how the two intersect. Promoting the role of women in science touches on several of those goals:

It’s important to recognise the achievements and tenacity of our female colleagues. Tara Massoudi, Executive Associate to our CEO of Banking, started off her career in science, laying the foundations for her career at Revolut.

Tara excelled in STEM subjects at school, before becoming a Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering. A slim cohort of women at university narrowed further when she started working in the Oil and Gas industry, working in offshore upstream asset solutions. She quickly moved into project management, and at 23 had to navigate managing the structural construction activities for one of the UK’s largest offshore gas fields with mostly all older and more experienced male colleagues. Globally, less than 30% of all female students opt for STEM-related education, so Tara’s attitude to own her strengths and defy expectations placed on her sets a great example to us all.

Tara meets with Princess Anne at Fishmonger Hall as part of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851's annual dinner

Like many of our Revoluters, Tara had a drive for entrepreneurship that she fulfilled by helping launch a company focused on renewable energy and ocean conservation. When looking for a new challenge, she came across our Executive Associate job description. The moment she saw it, she felt that it had been written about her. You can take a look at our latest Executive Associate posting to see that candidate profile.

Since she joined Revolut in October, Tara has embodied that part of the role which answers “What you’ll be doing” with “Anything that needs to be done”. Like all our Associates, she deals with special projects on a day-to-day basis, fighting fires within the company as and when they come up. She’s touched on almost every area of the business in a very short time, filling gaps until a specialist is ready to take over that project, “This job has given me the opportunity to learn about all the different aspects of what it takes to build and maintain Revolut and figure out what I like.” There’s a flexibility in all our work that she finds refreshing, “People are open to changes, so when I’m able to suggest solutions, it feels good to get those wins.”

Sometimes the job can be stressful, but Tara speaks warmly of the people she’s met, “Our Revolut community is a great support system. I know exactly who to talk to about any given issue I encounter, and some of these projects have led to genuine friendships.”

Stories like Tara’s prove that a STEM foundation has the potential to unlock exciting opportunities, whether that’s ocean conservation, or joining one of Europe’s fastest growing tech scaleups to change the face of finance. Revolut has started 2020 as we mean to go on. We launched our Women’s Guild, promoting knowledge sharing, community support, and influencing business output, all with the aim of making Revolut an inclusive and welcoming community for women in fintech, like Tara. This is just the beginning. Find out more about joining us by searching our careers page for openings.