Team Revolut U.S. reaches 50 people

Dan Westgarth

 · 11/08/2019  · 11/08/2019

When Revolut first started out, we had naysayers on all sides telling us that our goals were impossible. To date, we’ve welcomed over 8 million people worldwide to a better way of managing their money. We’ve grown to over 1,500 employees, and in the U.S., we’ve just hired our 50th team member.

It isn’t only in the UK and Europe that big banks have had it easy for too long. The American people have been underserved by their financial institutions for a long time, and the positive response we’ve received from all of you so far, gives us confidence that we can do things differently.

People want change. That’s clear from the thousands of accounts opened with Revolut every day. But what does it take to launch in North America?

Bringing smart people together

There are few successful FinTech players emerging in North America. Why? The barriers to entry are high, the competition is fierce, the infrastructure is archaic. The key is having an elite team of truly smart, like-minded people who can think deeper and build products that fit the market.

Win the market

Barriers to entry may be high, but so is the general quality of digital components in banking products here in the States. That means customer expectations are high, and competition is fierce. But that’s a good thing, because while we’re in this to be the best, competition is good for customers, and we embrace that.

Our goal is to create the best products to help people manage their money, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

Change is here

Broken processes and layers of unnecessary corporate hierarchy holds many businesses back. We have the drive and the growing influence to reach millions of Americans, with a better way to manage their money. Change is here, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Want to join us?

Right now is the best possible time to join Revolut U.S., as we open more opportunities for the brightest people to make a real and positive impact. Traditional banking has been broken for a long time. We’re out to redefine what’s possible.

If you’re interested in joining us, visit our Careers page.