That’s a wrap! 🎥 Three exciting announcements from Xerocon 2019

Sarah Hiraki

 · 11/15/2019  · 11/15/2019

It’s officially time to say goodbye to Xerocon 2019.

After countless conversations, two whirlwind days and one epic party; we wanted to wrap up with exciting new products and features for accountants and businesses announced at London ExCeL this week.

🗃️ From Xero to tax hero

The first big announcement of the show was Xero Tax: a single-sign on integration with Xero which will allow users to produce and file their tax forms with Companies House and HMRC.

Xero Tax officially launches in March 2020, but Xero partners and Xerocon attendees will be granted access early.

Xero’s Director of Operations, Damon Anderson said Xero Tax is live on corporation tax and are also fully released on FRS 105 micro-entity filings and FRS 102 1A small business filings. Small business filing is still in beta, but users are invited to join testing now. Xero also teased new features to come, including Xero Personal Tax, Xero Accounts Production, Xero Partnership Tax and Xero Trusts and Estates.

According to Xero’s Chief Product Officer Anna Curzon, the Xero Tax will bring us true “end to end compliance,” ahh, that’s music to our ears.

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💪 Small but mighty

Small Businesses were a hot topic this year, and Xero also announced a suite of features targeted toward their needs. One of the most exciting of these is Business Snapshot.

According to Xero, Business Snapshot “gives small business owners an important, high-level view of their critical business metrics and important trends using beautiful visualisations to help them make decisions on immediate issues.”

At Revolut Business, we know the importance of streamlined visuals and transparency when it comes to your money. We can’t wait to see this feature launch, and help our small business and freelance clients take charge of their finances in a whole new way.

🧩 It’s all coming together

Another theme of the week: product integrations. Xero announced deeper integrations with

Microsoft Office 365, Google, HubSpot, and MailChimp. This group of integrations focuses on sharing contacts; seamlessly forwarding leads or your address book into your workflow, to maximise efficiency. Nick Houldsworth, Executive General Manager of Ecosystem at Xero said: “This is just the beginning of creating simple, seamless and smarter workflows between Xero and the apps small businesses use day in and out.”

For those of you familiar with Revolut Connect, you’ll know Revolut has its own “app” store for its integrated partners, including Xero. This announcement continues an exciting trend; increasingly integrated tools and streamlined, automated solutions.

🗓️ See you next year!

Finally, we’d like to say thanks to our partners at Xero, our accountant partners, and to all of the incredible attendees for an amazing few days. Your enthusiasm was electrifying, and it was incredible to connect to you all in person. But! We don’t want the fun to end now that the show floor has closed.

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