The Boomerang Effect: How Chris Yankson found his way back to Revolut

Alex Carril

 · 05/22/2023  · 05/22/2023

At Revolut, we pride ourselves on nurturing a work environment that fosters growth — both personally and professionally. We chatted with Christopher Yankson, Head of Recruitment, who left the company to explore other opportunities, only to return later on with a renewed sense of purpose.

What made you decide to return to Revolut?

Returning to Revolut for me was a natural decision. My initial reason to leave was purely circumstantial. At the time of leaving, I had come to the end of a project internally at Revolut and the opportunity I was offered externally was a significant step up in terms of responsibility. It also represented the chance for me to apply my learnings in an earlier stage environment.

That said, working in another business I quickly realised that there are very few environments like Revolut in terms of pace, growth, and learning.

As a product-led organisation, Revolut is extremely product centric, and as such, is constantly looking at ways to innovate — a culture which extends across the business. At Revolut, you are always developing. I’ve always been advised in order to have a successful career to go where the growth is because if you go to a growing organisation, there’s no way that your role stays stagnant — and that’s definitely the case at Revolut.

One thing about Revolut that resonates with me is the approach to decision making. Revolut is an extremely transparent organisation where tenure is not the driving force for how decisions are made. Ultimately the best ideas win, which is refreshing as it means that those fairly junior in their career can succeed and be involved in decision making, as well as those who are more tenured.

What did you learn about your experience working elsewhere and how has it influenced your work here?

My experience working elsewhere taught me the quality of the experience you gain at Revolut. In my role outside of Revolut, I was promoted within three months and performed well relative to the peer group due to the (sometimes tough) learnings I had gained at Revolut. One of the only reasons we lose people at Revolut is former colleagues either going on to found their own business, or to take up a senior leadership role at another business, which was the case in my instance.

Working in another environment helped me to develop my skill set in project management, which has made me more effective in my current role managing the recruitment department.

What are your long-term career goals and how does returning to Revolut fit those plans?

My long term career goals would be to progress further within the HR space, looking at topics beyond recruitment such as core HR and organisational design, and to have a more holistic understanding of how scaling businesses run effectively. I feel lucky to work at a business that’s supportive of these ambitions and provides top performers with the opportunity to further their career in their areas of interest.

At Revolut, we believe our employees are our greatest asset, and that’s why we welcome back those who leave us to explore new paths. Whether you leave to pursue your dreams or simply take a break, we can’t wait to hear about your adventures and welcome you back when you’re ready.

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