The proof is in the pudding - restaurant spending soars as Brits eat out to help out

Nicholas Taylor

 · 09/03/2020  · 09/03/2020

Throughout August, Eat Out to Help Out was in place across the UK, giving customers £10 off mid-week meals. How did consumers across the UK react to this incentive? Let’s take a quick look at the data 👇

Our data shows that restaurant and cafe spending between Mondays and Wednesdays in August was up 65% compared to Mondays to Wednesdays in July.


People in Cardiff, Liverpool and Bristol led the charge, with spending growing by 78%, 71% and 69% respectively. Spending in Edinburgh, Birmingham and London grew by 46%, 52% and 63%.

It seems that the people most eager to take advantage of a tenner off their meals were the middle-aged, with spending by 45-64 year olds up 75% in August. Spending by millennials and Gen Z over the same period grew by 45%.

The most popular restaurants throughout August include the Chancellor’s own favourite Nando’s, as well as the major pub chains JD Wetherspoons and Greene King.

The Eat Out to Help Out Scheme has seen people in the UK coming back to restaurants and cafes much more quickly than in other European countries. Spending across the EU increased by 37%, while restaurants in Ireland and France saw a 34% and 35% rise in spending in August.

Overall, the data suggests that public confidence is returning, with people across the UK eager to eat out to help out. This is great news for local cafes and restaurants, and the millions of staff they employ.

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