The Return to Revolut: Avi’s Story

Alex Carril

 · 05/19/2023  · 05/19/2023

At Revolut, we pride ourselves on nurturing a work environment that fosters growth — both personally and professionally. We chatted with Avi Mago, Head of People Analytics, who pursued an opportunity outside of Revolut before returning eager to continue his journey with us!

What motivated you to rejoin Revolut?

The people and culture. Specifically the fact that strong logic and data are driving factors for decision making at Revolut and not red tape. I felt encouraged by the fast-paced environment, which enables hypergrowth not only for the company but for all of Revolut’s employees.

How has your previous time at the company helped you in your current role?

My previous time gave me a strong understanding of Revolut’s way of working and culture.

Now that I’m familiar with the expectations and stakeholders, it makes my decision making more straightforward and simple.

What’s been your experience since you returned, and what do you see for yourself/your career at Revolut in the future?

My experience since my return has been like I never left, and I mean this in a good way! The culture of challenging the norm and pushing boundaries is intact. In terms of my career at Revolut, I see taking on bigger challenges and responsibilities, not only by scaling the team but also making sure that the team is lean and efficient.

At Revolut, we believe our employees are our greatest asset, and that’s why we welcome back those who leave us to explore new paths. Whether you leave to pursue your dreams or simply take a break, we can’t wait to hear about your adventures and welcome you back when you’re ready.

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