The Dream Team delivers: how Revolut is fighting digital poverty 🖥️

Karolina Kubala

 · 12/06/2021  · 12/06/2021

Helping is in Revolut’s DNA. Every day we help millions of customers get more from their money. So when the opportunity to help combat digital poverty in schools came up, the team sprang into action.

Earlier this year, when we were swapping our Apple and Google devices for newer models, we had to decide what to do with the old ones. We could have traded them in, sold them, or kept them as backups, but with existing data securely deleted from the laptops, screens and accessories, the team realised they could be repurposed into powerful educational tools, and delivered to schools in need.

Digital poverty

Ingrida Daunaravičienė, our Communications Manager for the Baltics, started looking for schools in Lithuania that needed tech for their students. “To make sure we choose proper beneficiaries, I set up cooperation with Teachers Lead Tech – technologists and educators, scientists and builders, who are guiding teachers to new pedagogical approaches that technology creativity unleashes. At the same time, our teams in Poland and the UK were also preparing their donations.”

One of the school in Poland

A teacher from one Lithuanian school wrote to Teachers Lead Tech:

“I wish we could have at least one computer which we could use. Now we are using phones, so one computer would bring a lot of ease and joy”.

This heartfelt message highlighted just how much Covid-19, lockdowns, and the closure of schools in 2020 has brought the digital divide to the forefront of society. And made us feel incredibly lucky to be in a position to help children learn IT skills that will help them through life.

It’s important  to give back

“Thanks to the hard work of the Tech Team, Workplace Experience Team and many other departments – from choosing proper beneficiaries, to making sure all legal and tax aspects are  properly covered and packing and shipping – we have donated over 200 Apple and Google devices, 50+ screens and many accessories to schools in need in Poland, Lithuania and the UK.”

says Tomasz Stawarski, Global Tech Manager at Revolut. And it’s not the end!

“We are now looking into introducing tech training sessions for the kids to help get them started in technology careers, if they so choose.”  he adds.

After all, we at Revolut have been fortunate enough to succeed as a company, it’s only right that we give back to the communities from which our amazing employees started out.

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