October edition: Bewitching Business updates

Emma Potter

 · 10/15/2021  · 10/15/2021

Halloween may be on its way, but there’s nothing spooky about the work we’ve been doing this month. With updates to improve security and reduce your day to day hassle, check out what's in store for October.

Dive in and explore updates designed to sweep the cobwebs away and keep your business keeps running smoothly.

Personalise your logo on invoices

Give your invoices the personal touch. You can now add your company’s logo to email and PDF invoices when you’re reaching out to customers for payments.

Easy payments for trusted merchants

Ever had a payment declined due to failed 3DS checks? EU regulations require card transactions above €250 to be 3DS secure, so we've made EU payments easier. Tell us which merchants you trust and avoid card payment failures. Make sure your trusted merchants have card payments approved even when a 3DS check isn’t requested.

Better billing address management

We know that, when dealing with businesses, there could be a lot of different addresses to juggle. That's why we’ve made it easier to identify the card details required when filling out forms.

Improved device management

You can now view all the devices your account is connected to at a glance across both mobile and web. You’ll be able to check login sessions and manage your devices, so you can stay on top of your account activity and keep it secure.

That’s all, folks

That's all for now. See you next month for more news on our latest product updates!