Enjoy clearer crypto pricing in-app

Sonja Polimac

 · 12/10/2020  · 12/10/2020

We’re not into hidden fees at Revolut – we want our services to be as fair, clear and affordable as possible. We listened to your feedback and have given the app a bit of a makeover, so that our crypto and precious metals pricing is now completely transparent. To be clear, we aren’t changing our fees, we’re just showing them in a clearer way.

Here’s how our new transparent pricing will impact your day-to-day use of Revolut Crypto and Precious Metals:


The target price you select will no longer include our fee (if applicable). As a result, your existing auto-exchange limits may need to be recalculated to account for this change.  For example, if you have set an auto exchange to buy 1 BTC when the price drops to your target price then previously the target price would have included any applicable fees.  

Moving forward we will still execute the auto-exchange for you at your target price. However, instead of the fees being included in the total transaction price (meaning the spot price of BTC would actually have to drop further in the underlying market to hit your target price), we will now charge you our normal fees separately from the target price. This means that you will need to account for any applicable fees in addition to the target price you set for an auto-exchange.  

Here's an example of how this will work: let's say you set a target auto-exchange limit of 1BTC/$20K. When the price hits, it'll trigger an auto-exchange limit. You'll then purchase 1BTC for $20k, plus any applicable fees.

We recommend that you check your existing auto-exchanges to confirm that your existing levels will cover any applicable fees. If your account does not have sufficient funds to complete the transaction it may be rejected.


You'll now see the fee separate from the exchange rate before you make any exchange.


The exchange rates in the charts will no longer include fees charged by Revolut. Without these fees, the exchange rates will be lower and therefore may look like it has "dropped".

Recurring Buys

No change here. You will still receive the amount of crypto less any fees (if applicable) equal to your Recurring Buy amount

Spare Change Roundup

No change here either. You will still receive the amount of crypto less any fees (if applicable)

We hope these changes to our transparency make buying and selling crypto and precious metals with Revolut even easier for you. See you in the cryptoverse and happy investing!

*Capital at Risk.

This feature is now live.