Updated Terms & Conditions

Rob Braileanu

 · 07/03/2017  · 07/03/2017

We’ve added a few small changes to our terms and conditions. These will come into effect on the 23rd August 2017. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s changing:

New top-up currencies

We’ve moved to a new issuing bank called Wirecard Card Solutions Limited. This is great news, as it means you can now hold and exchange 12 new currencies in the app. As a result - you will become subject to our new card issuer’s terms found here.

Cookies policy

We use Cookies in our app and on our website so that we can make our user experience even better. Cookies let us collect some information about the way customers interact with our services, so we can analyse trends and quickly identify and fix any issues that arise. Please see our new Cookie Policy here for more information.

Negative balances

In extremely rare cases, a customer may have a negative balance. This could happen, for example, when a shop authorizes a delayed payment. In these cases, we have the right to recover the money owed via the bank card used to add money to your Revolut account. We would always reach out to you first and keep you updated every step of the way.

These are the main changes we are making to our terms and conditions, our privacy policy and our cookie policy. We hope this summary helps. However, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can read our full terms and conditions here.