US business cashback is here to help you save as you spend

Richard Johnson

 · 06/21/2022  · 06/21/2022

It looks like the economy’s on an adventure.

Stocks and shares are diving and rallying. Gas prices are climbing. Interest rates are hiking. For US businesses, 2022 is certainly an unpredictable time.

So we’d like to add a little stability. You’ve heard the old saying “You gotta spend money to make money”? Well, we’re here to tell you…it’s true! At least, it is with Revolut Business.

Because we’re bolstering our US business cards with up to 1.9% cashback for purchases you and your team make – so you can boost your bottom line while spending like normal. Read on to find out how it all works.

Up to 1.9% back on purchases you’re already making

The economy might be uncertain, but now’s not the time to hold back. So how does our boosted 1.9% cashback work? Let’s explain it a little further:

  • US businesses on paid plans get 1.9% cashback on qualifying card purchases, up to certain spend thresholds depending on your plan (see the table below for more details)
  • US businesses on free plans can easily lift-off and upgrade to get 1.9% cashback, unlocking all the perks of Revolut Business’s paid plans
  • Upgrade your Revolut Business plan to get higher boosted cashback thresholds, plus loads of extra perks, like extra free local and international payments, increased FX at the interbank rate and more

Enjoy cashback with no limits

All US Revolut Business customers get 1.5% cashback. Earn on any purchase you make on any business card, on any Revolut Business plan. It’s that simple. No minimum or maximum spend, no sweat. Just cash, back into your account without limits. Spend and earn on your expenditures, office supplies, travel, accommodation, vendor services, and more.

Monthly, direct payments to your account

You’ll receive your monthly accrued cashback delivered into your business account on the first day of every month, so you’re never left waiting. You don’t need to do anything –  it’s all automated. Just decide how to put your growing funds to work.

Save money as you spend

No pointless points, no inadequate air-miles, nothing to redeem. We’ve made it as simple as it gets to earn and use your cashback. You and your team just need to use your business cards to spend, earn, and save.

How to start earning cashback

Cashback’s ready to go on all US Revolut Business accounts. So you can start boosting your bottom line with your business spending right now. If you’re new – or want to join us – you’ll get cashback from day one, too!

Please note: qualifying purchases and T&Cs apply.

Try us for free

For Revolut Business customers, earning cashback is just the beginning. We’ve got everything you need to run your business in one place, and you can start at no cost! Join over 500,000 others using us to do business globally from day one – whether you’re a freelancer, startup, or an ambitious big business.

Keep costs down and activity high with a range of tools and perks, like:

  • global payments in 30+ currencies
  • empower your team with physical and virtual cards
  • control spend and automate your expenses
  • And much more

Try it all out on a paid plan – for free – in your first month by clicking below ⬇️

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