How Revolut Business makes your SaaS payments and processes ‘just work’

Richard Johnson

 · 03/29/2023  · 03/29/2023

SaaS businesses are in a competitive sector. There’s no shortage of challenging obstacles that can slow down customer conversion and business growth if not tackled in the right way. Read on, and you’ll find out how you can:

Have one home for all your business payments – that grows with you as you scale

Access the foreign currencies you need, at great rates

Use cards for controlled, low-cost international spending for you and your team

Make sure your team’s spending safely the right way, in the right places

Automate admin-heavy tasks to save your business time and money

Need a solution right away? Look no further.


One app for everything, and everything in one app

The bottlenecks you experience cost revenue. They cost time. And as time is money, isn’t it best to save as much as you can?

We think so. As technology moves so fast, the challenges you face today are likely the result of a system that isn’t working for you, because:

Your banking infrastructure’s outdated

  • However you try, your business account just isn’t as flexible as you need it to be
  • Like the software you sell, you need your banking infrastructure to ‘just work’
  • Payment processing is troublesome and can lead to your customers having a negative experience

Use a simple, intuitive account to do all your business in one place
Replace the multitude of systems you already use to manage your payments, accounts, transactions, and financial data with one app that does it all: a Revolut Business account. Give your finance and operations teams everything they need in one place.

How it works
Think of a Revolut Business account as your company’s financial HQ. The home for you and your team, where you can get as much as you need from a single account.

After a speedy onboarding, you’ll find everything you need in-app, for all your end-to-end processes. From making and taking payments, to quickly exchanging foreign currencies at great rates, issuing cards to your team, analysing your accounts and spending, syncing with your accounting tools, and more.

You’ll find it all in our product Hub in-app, available on both web and mobile.

See if Revolut Business is available in your country here.

“Revolut Business enables us to operate in the UK without an office there.”
“We use our GBP account to retrieve payments from our UK customers and pay our overseas suppliers. Revolut Business enables us to operate a UK account without having an office in the UK; otherwise we'd have to work with a local agent or send our invoices in Euros.”
- Edwin Hoffland, CEO, EasyTrans Software

You’re one click away from a better kind of business account.


Accessing the currencies you need, at great rates

The SaaS market is becoming increasingly global. You might be able to deliver your products to any market, but you may be losing out on new revenue opportunities because:

You don’t have access to a large range of currencies…

  • …which is slowing down your expansion plans
  • You’re overpaying for currencies you need with different brokers and currency exchanges
  • Your available exchange rates are poor and unpredictable, with no way to control the volatility you experience on a daily or monthly basis – ultimately affecting your bottom line
  • Your customers pay you in one currency, but you pay suppliers in a different currency – heightening your market exposure
  • If prospects can’t pay you in local currencies, they don’t feel confident your product is made for them

Use multi-currency accounts to gain international reach at speed
Attracting more customers, growing into new countries and regions? It’s easier when you can move money painlessly across borders, with access to international currencies and accounts from day one with us.

How it works
Our multi-currency accounts are built to help you go global. Add as many accounts as you need per currency in-app (bonus: it’s free, and there’s no limit on the number of accounts you can create). All your currency accounts are stored in your Revolut Business app, and are accessible in a few taps or clicks.

You’ll also get local account details for GBP, EUR, and USD – and international account details for all other currencies.

Receiving payments
Your incoming payments stay in their original currency – we won’t exchange them unless you ask us to. Say you’re paid in EUR – you can set up a Euro account with its own local account details. And any payments sent to you – in any currency – land in your chosen account.

With receiving payments like a local, it also means you can localise your prices. You’ll be able to display true local currencies for your products, at the right price point for any of your international markets.

Sending payments
Send local and international payments directly from any of your Revolut Business currency accounts. If you’re sending money in one currency and your recipient is receiving in another (say GBP > USD), we’ll exchange at the real exchange rate for money currency exchanges. This means you’re not ripped off or charged a rate we’ve made up.

See our exchange fees here. Exchange rates can change, so always check in-app for up-to-date rates. See how exchange rates work for more info.

Make foreign exchange work for you, with every currency you need.



Use cards for international spending
Business debit cards are easily issued from your account. With Revolut Business, you can issue physical cards and up to 200 disposable virtual cards per team member (more on how these work below).

Expanding internationally is just that bit easier with cards for you to use in over 25 currencies, just like a local (accepted almost everywhere, too). And yes, transactions on our debit cards can be set up to draw from your specific currency accounts – so your exchange rate when spending abroad is the ‘real’ rate.

Making sure your team spending happens the right way

When it comes to your end-of-month number-crunching, you may find:

Your spending isn’t as controlled as you need it to be

  • You share cards between team members, slowing down financial operations and increasing risk
  • It’s tricky to track all your local and overseas payments and expenses. And reporting? Forget about it
  • You’re plagued with receipts, rogue spending, out-of-pocket expenses, and no easy way to track your revenue. And your team members are often left out of pocket

Control all your spending with built-in spend management tools
If you’re going to really grow and expand at pace, you need real control over your spending. Not just tightening the reins, but making spending transparent, risk-free and budget-friendly for you team, too. Our spend management tools are built to help you answer the ‘where’ and ‘why’ of your business spending.

How it works
It starts with your team. When you invite them to join your account, you’ll have the option to give them roles and permissions that mirror their own in your business. So setting up someone as an ‘Accountant’ might give them access to all spending data across your company, but a ‘Sales Executive’ might only be able to see what they’ve spent themselves.

Issue them virtual or physical cards – yep, with limits you can set and control – so they have the power to spend in a way that suits your budget. From ATM withdrawals to monthly limits, you can give colleagues a real worry-free way to spend.

Use our in-app payment tracker to track every payment made by you and your team, and for extra clarity, you’ll find your own personalised analytics dashboard in-app, too.  This is where you can really have fun breaking down your spending to granular detail; by card, vendor, spending category, and more.

Once your team members do spend, they can upload expenses directly into the app, where they can be approved in a tap.

It certainly gives you a lot of answers, but may raise a few questions, like where you might be able to cut your team’s spending or look for ways to prioritse certain subscriptions over others.

“We save £3,000 every month on bank fees”
"It’s so easy to execute transfers on Revolut Business compared to other services. We easily save around £3,000 every month on bank fees. Our business has grown 146% in the last year, which we wouldn’t have achieved without Revolut Business."
- Muhammed Ali Sadiq, Finance Manager, Incenti

Rein-in rogue spending. Control your cash flow in clicks.


Making manual processes a thing of the past

One of the biggest challenges for SaaS businesses is finding the right shortcut that can help organise (and free up) time. Because instead of fighting customer churn or creating new products, you find:

You’re spending too much time on admin-heavy, repetitive tasks

  • Tech moves fast, but your internal processes don’t
  • Processes are time and resource intensive, and prone to human error, heightening your financial and reputational risk
  • As you gain more employees and customers over time, you need to find a sophisticated way to handle a growing number of day-to-day manual tasks

Lighten the heavy lifting and automate the hard stuff
Cutting out manual errors is key to scaling fast and still providing a secure, speedy service to your customers (and it’s helpful to accounting and finance teams, too).

Leveraging the Revolut Business API can be transformational to your business. Use our platform to automate the hard stuff and offload core competencies that you don’t need to build in-house.

You could take after some of our other customers and cut your manual data entry errors by 300%, or automate cash rewards to your customers.

It all leads to a superior customer experience, cutting churn and improving revenue.

How it works
Make your admin-heavy tasks automatic. Connect your company’s software to your Revolut Business account and you could:

  • Automate payments to your fast-growing network of employees, freelancers, and affiliates – and schedule or cancel them
  • Create recurring payments – pretty useful for any parts of your service your offer as a subscription
  • Issue secure refunds for online payments, with super-fast settlement
  • Plug in your accounting tools to take the heat off your financial controllers and put a stop to the month-end struggle

Start saving hours in just a few minutes.


Do it all with a Revolut Business account

Moving from what you know can be hard, but hey, you’re not doing things the traditional way. So embrace our new type of business account, and you’ll find:  

  • Streamlining your operations becomes not just achievable, but simple. Instead of juggling software, all the tools you need speak to each other and plug in to one app
  • You can better manage your team and all their spending – both ad hoc and recurring (like subscriptions and monthly payments)
  • Customer retention increases thanks to fast, frictionless payments in currencies they prefer to use – and it doesn’t take a week or cost the earth to get to you, either
  • Automating your manual processes is simple, and the money and time you save can be put towards future business development

So what are you waiting for? Get access to the tools, ways and means of streamlining your processes, saving time, and saving money. We’re trusted worldwide by 200,000 businesses, and over 10,000 new businesses join us every month from across the globe.

Get started by clicking the link below and talking to our friendly sales team.


See our Business Terms and Conditions here. Metal cards are available with a paid plan. See business account pricing here.