✏️ Want to write for Revolut? πŸ’³

Graeme Keeton

 Β· 04/23/2019  Β· 04/23/2019

Revolut users are a smart, curious, and passionate bunch, who understand that it takes a little know-how to get the most out of their personal finances. We exist to help these people build a better relationship with their money.

That's where you come in.

If you have something interesting and insightful to say about money, personal finances, or even your own experience with Revolut, we would love to share it.

As a Revolut guest blogger, your content will be shared both with our internal experts, and our hundreds-of-thousands-strong social media audience β€” not to mention be accessible to the over 4 million people who have joined Revolut to date.

Plus: In addition to the invaluable exposure you'll receive from being published on the Revolut blog, we'll pay you Β£50 (or equivalent in your currency) directly to your Revolut or bank account. Β 

Interested? Pitch us your idea, and if we think our audience will love it, we'll give you the go-ahead to write the whole thing. Then, we'll publish it, giving you full credit.

Pitch an article

🚨 Important: Make sure that you read the submission guidelines at the end of this post, or your piece might not be accepted.

🀩 What we're looking for

We're particularly interested in:

  • Articles which help regular folks build a better relationship with their money. That could take the form of your philosophy on money, or how to get the most out of spending and exchanging abroad
  • You could also write about the FinTech industry in general, looking at the future of payments, security, or new technology
  • Or you might choose to write about your experience using Revolut, and how it's improved your own relationship with money

☠️ What we don't want

Some things we can't accept:

  • Competitor bashing. While comparison pieces are encouraged, we can't publish anything which openly bad-mouths a competitor β€” that's just poor form
  • Financial advice. There's a fine line between sharing your experiences, and giving advice on say, which stocks to invest in. Try to avoid telling people how to spend their money, and instead, lead with your own experience
  • Self-promotion. Sorry, but this isn't the place to tell the world about your new startup

πŸ€“ Submission guidelines

Please follow these instructions carefully:

Before writing your full article, please send us a brief pitch.

Pitch an article

Once your pitch is approved, you can start writing (hooray!) according to the following guidelines.

  • Read our Tone of Voice Guidelines to get familiar with our tone
  • Articles should be a maximum of 1,000 words
  • Write using Google Docs, and send an 'Edit access' version in the body of the email
  • Include the title of your article in the subject line
  • Include a 1-2 sentence bio, with any links you want, plus a small headshot

Good luck, and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

p.s. We endeavour to reply to all submissions, but it's at the discretion of our editors which get published.