We stand side by side with children in Afghanistan


 · 11/30/2021  · 11/30/2021
The information below has been provided by our Donations partner Save the Children.

The situation in Afghanistan continues to change day by day and children across the country are in danger. Families have been forced to make horrific decisions such as selling their children to afford enough food. Though many families have recently travelled to other countries, millions of children remain in Afghanistan and are hungry, cut off from aid supplies, and facing the threat of violence. It is estimated around 3.7 million children are still out of school, with 60% of them girls.

The obstacles children in Afghanistan face are endless, but Save the Children have also seen some extraordinary examples of their bravery, solidarity, and hopes for the future.

Sayed’s Story*

When it was announced that girls were temporarily suspended from returning to secondary schools when they re-opened in September, boys like Sayed were determined to stand in solidarity with their sisters and friends.

Sayed wrote a letter to his sister saying, “I know you are sad because schools are closed. I know you wanted to become a doctor but now you are tailoring at home. So I decided until girls’ schools open, I will not go to school, and I won’t have wishes for my own future too.”

Sayed dreamed of becoming an engineer when he left school. Now, he has put those dreams on hold, staying home from school until his sister is able to return to the classroom.

In October, de-facto authorities in Afghanistan said that girls will be able to return to schools and universities soon, but this has only happened in a few provinces so far. Until this is formally acted upon across the country, Save the Children will continue to advocate for all children to have access to a quality education in Afghanistan and hold the present leadership accountable.

Save the Children’s Director in Asia, Hassan Noor, said, “We want every child to be in the classroom, but the incredible resolve of these boys stands as an important reminder that when girls are held back, we are all held back. […] without an educated female workforce, Afghanistan will not see the economic growth it needs to move beyond its dependence on aid.”

Dasma’s Story*

Have you ever been so excited you can’t sleep? That’s how 10-year-old Dasma (pictured) felt when she heard her school was re-opening. Now she can finally go back to doing what she loves: learning. Dasma has been attending classes that are part of the community-based education programme Save the Children is running for children affected by the ongoing crisis.

She says, “I love my class and classmates. A month ago, whilst I was at home due to security, our class was closed.

I cried all day because I wanted to go to the class, but my parents helped me and taught me at home. I was not feeling good, but after a while, our [community-based education] classes reopened. I was happy and couldn’t sleep the whole night because I couldn’t wait to meet my teacher and classmates. I want to be a doctor in the future to help my people.”

Together, we can stand in solidarity with children like Sayed and help children like Dasma achieve their dreams.

Save the Children will continue to stay by children’s sides in Afghanistan. As well as supporting children’s education, they’ve resumed their work supporting families’ health and nutrition in communities, and are distributing cash and other basic supplies like shelter materials, warm clothing and hygiene essentials. They’re also providing essential nutrition services – including treating seriously malnourished children and breastfeeding women – where health facilities are no longer functioning. As soon as they can, they hope to restart their child protection work, including setting up safe spaces for children to play, learn and recover.

By supporting Save the Children’s global through Revolut Donations, you can help children in Afghanistan – and children facing other emergencies around the world – to survive, recover, and make their mark.

Did you know that:

  • £38 could provide enough high-energy food and medicine to treat a malnourished child in Afghanistan for around three months
  • £78 could help a child in Afghanistan stay in school for 12 months
  • £107 could help to provide a family with warm blankets and clothing, shelter materials and kitchen supplies, so they can make it through the winter

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*Names have been changed.