[Webinar] Trim costs, save cash

Michaela Pleskova

 · 07/23/2020  · 07/23/2020

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About this episode

Time and date: July 30, Thursday at 10 am BST

Episode Four: Trim costs, save cash

A panel discussion led by Rishi Stocker, Head of the Accountant Partner Programme at Revolut with Matthew Lowry, Head of Operations (EMEA), Fathom and Stuart Hurst, Director, Accounts and Legal on how to have a leaner business, showing examples of cost saving strategies with actionable outcomes.

About our guest speakers

Matt is the Head of Operations (EMEA) for Fathom, looking after sales, support, account management and partnerships. Prior to becoming Fathom’s second EMEA employee, Matt was Head of Customer Experience at a scaling Checkit Plc, and he has consulted for clients ranging from sole traders to FTSE100 constituents. Matt has a background in law, and has experience in litigation, M&A deals and negotiating international commercial contracts.

Manchester accountant Stuart Hurst runs the northern hub of Accounts and Legal, who recently opened a new office in Manchester. Stuart has transitioned over 1,000 clients to cloud accounting and helps them increase productivity and get better insights through a range of apps and technologies.

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