What it takes to be a lawyer at Revolut ⚖

Tom Hambrett

 · 02/18/2019  · 02/18/2019

You may have seen that the number of job postings for positions within the Legal team at Revolut has exploded recently. From humble beginnings at our HQ in London to a truly diverse team with offices in: Singapore, New York, Tokyo and Krakow, our legal team at Revolut is scaling fast to support a business on a hyper-growth trajectory.

Who are we looking for? 🔎

We’re looking for a handful of legal superstars who have impressive financial services experience with retail and institutional products in the Payments, Wealth & Trading and Credit sectors. These product lawyers will play a pivotal role in the development and design of some of Revolut’s highly sought after products. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the right counsel to roll-up her or his sleeves and make the provision of financial services fair and transparent.  

What must you have? 🧠

You’ll do well here if you’re: detail oriented, hyper logical, process driven, and analytically minded.

Proving your analytical ability requires you to complete a home challenge, where you’ll be asked to break down a problem into smaller pieces, then form a judgement by combining the information contained in those pieces. Our Product Owners rely on you to find and analyse details that may be small but which have a significant effect on how we do business in multiple markets. Being detail oriented plays a big part in this, as you must pay close attention to the details. Building robust processes will mean your advice and support is scalable, and remaining hyper logical will ensure that you never get distracted or lose sight of the bigger commercial picture.

We're looking for counsel who can scale with a business that's currently going through rapid growth. At Revolut, our Product Owners don't have the time to read pages and pages of legal jargon that only a lawyer can understand. Product Owners require succinct responses to challenging legal questions.

We like home challenges because the things we’re looking for can be difficult to uncover or demonstrate in an interview. The test isn't designed to establish how much you know about a certain topic (though we do use examples from topics connected to our operations). Our aim is to see how you reach your conclusions, by setting a relatively straightforward problem, and giving you time to think it over.

Candidates who aren't successful in this challenge are those who:

  • write really long answers - not everyone at Revolut has an LLB or LLM;
  • don't dig deep into the detail (merely finding and highlighting information is not analysing it); and
  • fail to be proactive and don’t identify areas for risk mitigation.  

Who are we? 🙋🙋‍♂️

We’re a team of excellent learners who are innately curious. Our business is scaling at breakneck speed and knowledge becomes stale very, very quickly. Curiosity is essential if we are to sustain this constant growth and remain committed to staying relevant. We’re constantly hungry to learn and evolve. We’re supportive of each other and always encouraging our colleagues to improve.

We’re not just constant learners either. We thrive in the ‘new normal’. We are what Bryan Johnston (founder of Braintree) calls “future literate”. That is, we put into practice what we’ve learnt - to stay ahead of the trends, and to start them.

Curious to see if you have what it takes? 💪

Still sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime? It is, and now that you’ve made it this far, why stop? We’ve given you an idea of what it takes to be a lawyer at Revolut — the next step is up to you.

Follow the link below, apply for one of the positions and try out a real home challenge to see whether you have what it takes. Think about it - what do you have to lose? All our applications are confidential and if all goes well, we'll get back to you with an offer.

Apply & try a home challenge 👨🏻‍⚖️