You can now buy silver on Revolut ⛏

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 07/01/2020  · 07/01/2020

Not too long ago, we announced that you could buy gold directly through the Revolut app. From today, all European Economic Area customers (excluding Lithuania, Poland, and Hungary) can also buy silver in exactly the same way. The addition of silver exposure for Revolut's Standard, Premium and Metal customers represents the next step in opening up commodities trading to more people.

Diversify your portfolio with valuable commodities

Buying silver is easy

You can invest in silver directly in the app by going to the ‘Commodities’ tab. You’ll see prices based on real time market performance data, which we get from our trusted precious metals service provider. You can also set up an auto-exchange, meaning we’ll buy silver on your behalf once it reaches your desired price. Get investing from as little as $1.

Backed by real, physical silver

It’s important to note that when you invest in silver, we don’t actually send you any physical silver, but your investment is backed by actual physical silver. This is held by our precious metals service provider.

Trade and exchange silver

We’ve made it easy to manage your commodities, too. You can send silver to others on Revolut just as you would any other kind of currency. You can also exchange your silver for gold, cryptocurrency, or e-money. It’s totally up to you.

A reminder of the pricing:

1.5% markup for Standard customers
0.25% markup for Premium/Metal customers

2.25% markup for Standard customers
1% markup for Premium/Metal customers

Ivan Chalov, Revolut Product Owner for Precious Metals said: “Rolling out the Commodities feature to include silver is a further step we’re taking towards allowing our customers to further diversify their portfolio. Many people have felt closed off from obtaining access to precious metals, but we’re stripping back the complexity and fees to make sure that obtaining access to silver and gold exposure is as simple and low cost as possible.”

Revolut customers can get access to silver and gold immediately by updating their Revolut app and selecting the Commodities tab in the Wealth section of the app.

Capital at risk 🛑

We do not provide any investment advice relating to our commodities services. You should carefully consider whether your personal situation and the financial risks you are willing to take mean that you should not purchase and trade exposure to gold. You may want to speak to an independent financial adviser.

For more information on trading commodities, visit our Precious Metals FAQ. And please remember: Unlike e-money, Precious Metals are not regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority or safeguarded under e-money regulations. As with all investments, capital is at risk.