Your 2021 RevReview is here! 🎉

George Blew

 · 12/23/2021  · 12/23/2021

Can you believe it? 2021 is (almost) done! Maybe it’s the dozens of new products we dropped this year, or maybe we’re just getting older, but this year absolutely flew by. And what a whirlwind of a year it’s been. We’d like to thank you, our awesome global community, for being here. We know it’s a terribly overused cliché, but we really wouldn’t be here without you. Anyway, enough of that mushy stuff! Let’s get to the good bit: your 2021 RevReview is here!

RevReview 2021 has landed! 🎉

For those of you who haven’t had a RevReview before, you’re in for a treat. We’ve grabbed all the data we could find on what you’ve done with your money this year and packaged it up into easily-digestible personalised stories. So you can find out all kinds of cool stuff. Which person did you make the the most payments to? What was your top food delivery company? All this and more is waiting for you in your app (make sure you’ve got the latest version!).

We gave you some cool stuff, too 😎

We don’t like to ring our own bell too much, but we think we magicked up some pretty awesome new products for you this year. Not only did we give our app a super makeover, but we also launched Stays and our Shopper Chrome extension, to name but a few for you. Head to your RevReview for a recap of our best bits!

End the year with sparkles ✨

You know our show-stealing new Metal card? The one that’s plated in stunning 24k gold? Yeah, that one. We’ve decided to give one away for free to thank you for being so awesome. For a chance to get your hands on this literal piece of luxury, all you need to do is share one of your personalised RevReview stories on Instagram or Twitter tagging @Revolutapp and #RevReview (T&C’s apply). After all, why shouldn’t you have one?

See you in 2022! 👋

One last time (we promise!), we want to sincerely thank you for being with us. We really appreciate it. Have a great holiday season. And here’s to an incredible 2022 – we’ll see you next then!

Stays, Lavender cards, 24k gold-plated Metal cards, and card personalisation are only available in the UK and EEA.

The 24k gold-plated Metal card competition  is only available in the UK and EEA.