Contactless limit increases to £100 for UK customers

Emma Potter

 · 02/25/2022  · 02/25/2022

Whether you’re grabbing food to go, rushing through a busy commute or just shopping in a hurry, contactless payments have made our lives a lot easier.

But for the fast moving, get-up-and-go, modern spender, even the £45 limit often just isn’t enough.

Well we’ve got some exciting news. We’re more than doubling the contactless limit for UK customers to £100. Plus, the total amount you can spend before you need to enter your PIN or reset your limit in-app has done the same, leaping from £130 to £300.

It’s all about convenience

Contactless payments are all about making it less of a hassle for you when you’re using your card out and about. These changes take the limit from £45 and mean you can spend over twice as much money in one contactless transaction as before.

The cumulative limit for contactless payments has also risen to £300, which means you don’t have to enter your PIN or reset your contactless limit as often.

Revolut card in your mobile wallet? No change there

If you’ve connected your Revolut card to Google or Apple Pay, nothing changes. Your identity is verified using biometrics like your face or fingerprint or a passcode meaning you can keep making payments without any limits.

Need to turn contactless payments back on or off?

You can easily switch contactless payments on and off. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open your Revolut app
  2. Go to ‘Cards'
  3. Select your Physical card
  4. Tap ‘PIN & Security’ for that card
  5. Toggle Contactless payments on or off