Learn crypto, earn crypto with Revolut and Polkadot!

Kirsty Daniel

 · 07/11/2022  · 07/11/2022

That’s right. We’re offering a free crypto education – a cryptocation, if you will – and you can earn up to $15 worth of free DOT, the native token for the Polkadot network, by taking part! It’s a total win-win.

After all, crypto can be so, well, cryptic. Between blockchains, validators, protocols, and nodes, it can feel impossible to wrap your head around all the jargon. But we're launching two courses, one on crypto basics, and another on Polkadot to help you cut through the noise!

Our short, simple lessons make crypto easier to understand, whether you’re a total newbie, a DOT token holder, or a seasoned cryptonaut. Take a look 👇

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated. Funds are not protected and their price is extremely volatile. Tax could be payable on gains.

Level up your crypto game with simple courses 🧠

Whichever way you look at it, crypto is complicated. Which is why we made our lessons short and easy to follow. They use a mixture of short videos and text-based lessons to keep your mind engaged.

We’ve got the basics covered, as well as a course about the Polkadot network - and if you’re already a veteran crypto investor? Then you should know that you’re never really done learning about crypto, and these courses are a great way to freshen up your know-how.

Earn free crypto from Polkadot for every lesson you complete ✅

Not only do you get to learn about crypto, but you’ll get some when you complete a lesson, too. Just pass a short quiz at the end of each course and you’ll get rewarded up to $15 worth in Polkadot’s DOT token.

And if you aren’t familiar with DOT? Easy - as well as the Crypto Basics course, we’ve got a course all about Polkadot, too.

Join the crypto conversation 🚀

A lot of people throw around big words and bamboozle their friends with crypto chat. But how many people actually know how it works? Our courses will give you the power to cut through jargon and sort fact from fiction when it comes to cryptocurrencies and the Polkadot network, to really prove that you know your stuff.

With new next-generation blockchain networks, like Polkadot, hitting the scene to create a fairer decentralised web (... if you’re not quite sure what all that meant, then check out the course!), it's more important than ever to keep up your crypto knowledge.

Ready to get started? 🏁

💰 Check you’ve got the latest version of the app

💰 Head to Home > Hub > Crypto > Learn

💰 Start with ‘Crypto Basics’

💰 Then take the ‘Polkadot’ course

💰 Take a few quizzes with your new knowledge

💰 Claim your free crypto!

Crypto is not regulated. Capital at risk. Depending on your financial circumstances you may incur tax liability when you trade in cryptocurrency.