Meet Nicole - Head of People

Rob Braileanu

 · 01/16/2018  · 01/16/2018

Here at Revolut, we love screaming and shouting about the awesome products that we throw out, but we don't scream and shout enough about the amazing people making it all happen behind the scenes.

In the first of a series of RevInsider, we want to introduce our exceptionally talented Head of People, Nicole.

What I do at Revolut

I've always been a people person and so I guess it's only natural that I've found myself on a career path which enables me to focus on building and implementing people-related processes across the company. These in turn enable our employees to learn, innovate, engage with one another and ultimately achieve their best work.

'It’s fascinating to see how much employee engagement affects the overall success of the company.'

The more we build an open, collaborative and innovative culture among employees, the more creative and forward-thinking our ideas become!

My background story

My formal background is in Mathematics and Statistics and after I graduated from University in Canada, I decided to take a leap of faith. I moved to the heart of fintech, London, and joined Revolut as one of their first Data Scientists, which has proved to be one of the best decisions of my professional career.

I have learned more in my 7 months at Revolut than I could have learned in years elsewhere. During that time, I have moved from data science to people operations, which was less of a jump than it sounds.

'The beauty of working at a startup is that most challenges are multi-disciplinary, so you never have to put yourself “in a box”.'

My work has spanned across compliance, operations, data science and now people operations. If you are a self-motivated problem-solver, your skills and energy can be transferred to any big challenge in the company.

Outside of my work, I am a big music lover and a singer. I equally enjoy going to the gym and for long runs through the park. For me, exercising is one of the best ways to get the creative juices flowing.

Best project I’ve worked on at Revolut

The most interesting project I have worked on in People Operations is our weekly Town Hall, which is essentially a company-wide weekly meeting between all the different Revolut teams from around the world.

As a global company with teams spread across multiple countries, effective communication is always a challenge. The Town Halls have opened up communication and knowledge sharing among our international teams.

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Employees have expressed that they feel a sense of unity and belonging through this weekly meeting. I was surprised and delighted by the significant impact of implementing this relatively simple event. It just goes to show how small things can go a long way, even for a rapidly growing company like Revolut.

My most memorable Revolut experience

This is really a tricky one, only because I've had so many great moments I can talk about. All in all, I would say that reaching our 1 million users milestone was one of my most memorable experiences at Revolut so far.

We hosted a RevRally at the Level39 Tech Hub, which included our London team, 100 of our crowdfunding investors, and other business partners. We counted down to our millionth user and celebrated for hours afterwards. The room was filled with a genuine sense of achievement making it an unforgettable moment for the company!

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