Switch your salary with your new Irish IBAN

Team Revolut

 · 04/11/2023  · 04/11/2023

Our Irish branch just launched, providing a whole heap of extra perks for locals like you. Capitalise on all the additional benefits an Irish IBAN provides, starting with these three:

Bring your salary to Revolut

Tired of needing to transfer between your accounts each payday? Now you can receive friction-free salary deposits straight to your Revolut account.

Experience next-level convenience, alongside full deposit protection for your funds. It’s easy to get started:

  1. Open up your account profile
  2. See your new IBAN (It’ll start with ‘IE’)
  3. Send it to your employer, and ask for your salary to be paid to your Revolut account

And, because we love sharing good news — we’ll send you a notification when your salary has arrived each month

Pay your bills via direct debit

You may have experienced extra paperwork or delays when trying to pay local bills with your old IBAN. This is now over.

Share your new IBAN with your service providers, and start paying in instalments via direct debit. It’ll make bill payments a breeze!

Where to find your IBAN in Revolut?

Head to your account profile - that’s  the icon with your initials in the top left corn of your home screen.

Your IBAN will show under Account Details. From here, you can copy it and send it to anyone to set up your payments or deposits.

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